Welcome friends and family!

Ted and I are so excited to share our wedding with all of you, and look forward to all the future moments we might share as our marriage evolves.  Thank you for being part of our lives!

Our story began a little more than four years ago.  We met at the Dallas Museum of Art, where both of us are employed.  Ted was interviewing for a multimedia job at the Museum, and I got to be in the group interview.  He says that I asked him the best and toughest questions.  I remember dressing a little extra nice that day in case this interviewee was a looker.  I might have swooned a little bit upon first seeing those blue eyes and hearing that voice.

He got the job, and soon we were working together on a few projects.  Also soon, Ted started showing up at my office near the end of each work day to tell me about his Lean Cuisine dinner plans.  I liked this quirky ritual.

Our mutual friend (another museum employee), Sharisse Butler, was a bit of a matchmaker early on — finding opportunities for our paths to cross outside of work.  New Year’s Eve was a hoot!  Love you Sharisse.

Our first unofficial date was a very fun, post-Christmas, white-elephant gift exchange at the home of Steve and Pat Black.  A video of this date exists somewhere…he he.

And then my neighbor Michael Quevedo held a party, giving me a good excuse to ask Ted out for our first official date in early February 2008.  After a long and wonderful evening, I was sure that a kiss was in store for me.  Nope, not a one.  Not to worry though — I sent Ted an encouraging text that a kiss next time would be very welcome.

Skip ahead a couple years, a few thousand kisses, holidays with families, travels abroad, exhibitions and special projects at the Museum, and here we are….

We’re two kids with amazing parents, siblings, and more ready to share a life together because we know that despite our ambitious, work-aholic ways and extended life as singles, our passionate, creative, artsy, geeky selves are just right for a lifetime of goofy, sweet, laughable, and diverse adventures.

We hope to see you on November 10, 2012!

Nicole and Ted


    1. Brianna McMulen
      July 7, 2012

      So excited for you both!!! Can’t wait for the wedding!!!!

    2. Jennifer Bransom
      July 22, 2012

      I loved the quirky post card. I’ve have been carrying it around with me as I’ve traveled to and from summer programs, quality panels, and other summer crazy, expecting that every day that I would check-out the site. It took longer than I imagined but I wasn’t disappointed. Great pics and even better story — certainly a great prologue to life-time adventure! May happiness fill the cracks of every day leading to the ceremony.

    3. Melanie Murphy
      August 27, 2012

      Hooray for true love! And quirky friends that are FINALLY getting married! Can’t wait to celebrate!


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